Check your English idioms and metaphors. In this QUIZ we will look at the metaphors of ANGER, LOSING YOUR TEMPER, BEING BUSY, and FEELING HAPPY

Use the previous posts to learn the idioms and metaphors first.

1. I can hear my neighbours having rows now and then.

2. Alison was getting very under the collar.

3. Steve couldn't his anger any longer.

4. There was another angry from Chris.

5. I have got a lot of work to through till I can go home today.

6. I'm under with work today. I won't be able to join you at the pub today.

7. I was over the when they told me I got that job!

8. I felt as high as a when she agreed to marry me.

9. His face up when he saw them return safe and sound.

10. The bride looked in her dazzling gown and beaming smile.

That is the end of Metaphors and Idioms - part 1.

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