The Power of Stories
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  • Are you reading any book at the moment?
  • What is your favourite book or story?
  • What makes stories for popular?

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  • How do you understand the proverb; “The one who tells the story rules the world”?
  • What is “assimilation” and have you ever assimilated any qualities of a fictional character?
  • What is “transportation” and what is the best book or story that does that to you?
  • How does “identification” work and who is your favourite hero?
  • What does brain research tell us about the action of reading?
  • What are mirror neurons?
  • How can reading help beat loneliness?
  • What book will you read next? 🙂


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How powerful are stories?
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The Power of Stories



Practise writing short stories and using narrative tenses. Post your story here.

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  1. Mariusz

    Here’s a story a famous presented used in his talk on negotiations:
    A couple of years ago, a man walks into a sandwich shop in Delray Beach, Florida and orders a meatball sandwich. So the owner starts to fix the meatball sandwich when all of a sudden the customers pulls out a gun and he says: ‘This is a stick-up! Give me all the cash in the register!’ Now, I don’t know what you would do in a situation like that. Admiral, what would you do in that situation? You’d give him the money. I sure would give him the money. What would you do? You’d give him the money. Well, that’s not what happened. By the way, this is a true story. That’s not what happened. The owner of the shop puts down the meatball sandwich, looks at the robber and he says: ‘Listen, pal. We’ve had a really bad month.’. He says: ‘Business has been terrible. Would you settle for ten dollars and the meatball sandwich?’. Now, I’m not making this up. This was in the paper. He says: ‘Will you settle for ten dollars and the meatball sandwich?’ So the gunman says: ‘Are you crazy?’ He says: ‘I’ve got a gun here! I’m not settling for ten dollars and the meatball sandwich.’ He says: ‘I’m not settling for anything less than twenty dollars and the meatball sandwich!’ So, the owner says: ‘You got a deal!’ Gives him the twenty bucks, gives him the meatball sandwich. You know what it said in the paper? It said: ‘And the robber left satisfied.’… My subject today is the courage to negotiate.
    source: Dynamic Presentations by Mark Powell

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