In a Rut. Try These Simple Approaches to Re-Energize Yourself

In a Rut. Try These Simple Approaches to Re-Energize Yourself

In a Rut. Try These Simple Approaches to Re-Energize Yourself
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warm up

  • Is it important to do work that you enjoy?
  • How can recognition help us to enjoy our work more?
  • Is it a good idea to have a clear purpose for doing your job?


Listen to the audio. What is the main message of this HBR Management Tip?

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In a Rut? Try These Simple Approaches to Re-Energize Yourself

We all fall into work 1. ruts at times. Rather than trying to 2. power through these moments, take a proactive approach to managing your energy. Here are some simple ways to give yourself a little 3. boost when you’re feeling down.

Write your purpose on a post-it. This might be your 4. overall career 5. purpose (why you’ve chosen the profession that you are in) or a micro purpose (what’s motivating you to do a great job on a particular project or task). Keep it at your desk as a constant visual reminder of why you do what you do, especially when things are exhausting or stressful.

Create “a wall of 6. encouragement.” Take any messages of encouragement, awards, positive feedback, or even memes that make you laugh and put them near your desk or store them in a digital folder. Look at them when you need to feel re-energized and 7. appreciated.

Write up a “to-don’t” list. What things are you currently doing that are 8. sucking up your energy? Identify which ones you can stop doing and put them on a list. These might be certain people that you decide not to see, habits that you want to break, or 9. tedious tasks that can be automated or delegated.

This tip is adapted from Stop Trying to Manage Your Time,” by Amantha Imber

koleiny, rutyna (w pracy)

ukończyć coś pomimo trudności

zastrzyk (energii), zachęta

ogólny, całkowity

cel, zamiar



wysysać coś (np. energię z kogoś)

nudny, powtarzalny, żmudny



  • What do we all fall into at work at times?
  • What two kinds of purposes can we put on a post it?
  • What will it remind us of?
  • What can our “wall of encouragement” consist of?
  • Why is it a good idea to identify things/people that suck up our energy?
  • What should we do with this information?


Which tip about hot re-energize yourself at work do you think is the most relevant for you?



How do you re-energize yourself when you are feeling down at work? Would you like to give any of these ideas a try?

Share your views and experience here.