Will she dump him

Will she dump him

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Will she dump him
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warm up

Answer the questions below

  • How do you feel about keeping a secret?
  • If you knew about something your friend should know, but were asked not to reveal it, would you tell them?
  • What are some of the reasons couples break up?

key language

Check some of the language you will learn in this lesson. 

There are many colloquial, everyday expressions to talk about relationships.


part one

Meet Maz, Ben and their friends Rob and Kat. This story is about Maz and Ben. Is there future in this relationship?

Read the first dialogue. Maz meets Kat for a coffee. Here’s their conversation.

Kat: Hey Maz, how’s everything with Ben?

Maz: It’s okay, I guess. He’s so sweet, but sometimes, I feel like we’re just not on the same page.

Kat: Why? What happened?

Maz: Well, I’ve been thinking that maybe we don’t have that much in common. You know how ambitious I am, and he’s so… laid-back.

Kat: Yeah, I noticed that. But opposites attract, right?

Maz: Maybe. But sometimes I feel like he doesn’t really know me. Like, truly understand what I want.

Kat: What makes you say that?

Maz: It’s just this vibe I get. And the other day, I overheard him talking about planning a big surprise for me.

Kat: A surprise? That sounds exciting!

Maz: Normally, yes. But he was talking about booking a two-week holiday on a Greek island. He thinks I’ll love it because it’s sunny, but he never even asked if I wanted to go there.

Kat: Oh! Well, maybe he just wanted to do something special for you. You know, be romantic and all.

Maz: I appreciate the gesture, Kat. But what if I had other plans? Or what if that’s not the place I’d want to go? A surprise like that is a huge commitment.

Kat: I understand where you’re coming from. It is a bit risky on his part.

Maz: Exactly! And it just proves my point that maybe he doesn’t know me as well as he thinks he does.

Kat: Maybe you should talk to him, Maz. Before he goes ahead and books the trip.

Maz: I should, shouldn’t I? I just don’t want to hurt his feelings.

Kat: It’s better to be honest now than regret it later. Just explain to him how you feel. He’ll understand.

Maz: You’re right, Kat. Thanks for being there. I’ll talk to him.

Kat: Anytime, Maz. Communication is key. Good luck!



Discuss the questions below.

  • Do you think it’s always a good idea to plan big surprises in a relationship, like the holiday Ben has in mind for Maz? Why or why not?

  • How important is it for couples to like the same things? Can being different be a good thing in a relationship?

  • How can people make sure they really know what their partner wants or likes? How can they talk to each other better to avoid confusion?


part two

Kat meets Rob, Ben’s best friend. Listen to their conversation.



Discuss the questions below.

  • Why do you think Maz might be thinking of ending things with Ben, even though he seems unaware of the issues?

  • How important is it for friends to keep secrets, like the conversation about Ben and Maz? Would you have shared the information or kept it to yourself?

  • Do you believe that having a lot in common is crucial for a successful relationship? Why or why not?


part three

Now Ben meets Rob. Listen to their conversation.



Discuss the questions below.

  • Do you think Ben is making the right decision by planning a surprise holiday without consulting Maz first? Why or why not?

  • Why do you think Ben is so confident that Maz will love his surprise, despite her having strong opinions?

  • How does the conversation highlight the differences in understanding and approach towards romance between the two friends?

  • What could be the potential problems or misunderstandings that might arise from Ben’s decision to surprise Maz?

  • How important is it to consider a partner’s schedule and commitments when planning surprises?


part four

Language of relationships

Study the list of 15 expressions used to discuss relationships. 

How many did you know before?

1. Fancy someonePodkochiwać się w kimś“Do you fancy him?”
2. Go steadyChodzić ze sobą“Are they going steady now?”
3. Pop the questionOświadczyć się“He finally popped the question on their holiday.”
4. Tied the knotWziąć ślub“They tied the knot last summer.”
5. On the rocksW kryzysie“I’ve heard their relationship is on the rocks.”
6. Puppy loveMłodzieńcze zauroczenie“It’s just puppy love; she’ll get over it.”
7. SnogCałować sięI saw them snogging in the park.”
8. Get hitchedWziąć ślub“When are you two getting hitched?”
9. Ditch someoneRzucić kogoś“He got ditched by his girlfriend.”
10. Play the fieldNie związywać się z nikim na stałe“He’s not ready to settle down; he’s still playing the field.”
11. Have a flingMieć przelotny romans“She had a fling while she was on holiday.”
12. Made for each otherStworzeni dla siebie“Look at them, they’re just made for each other.”
13. Fall head over heelsZakochać się po uszy“She fell head over heels for him after their first date.”
14. Old flameDawna miłość“I saw him with his old flame at the cafe.”
15. Chat someone upPodrywać kogoś“He tried to chat her up at the bar.”
Alita Pete and Kat are having a conversation

Will she dump him

Now, when you know Maz and Ben, do you think they are going to split up?

Create a dialogue where the story finds a resolution. Decide if you want them to stay together or split up.



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