1) I'm sorry, but this arrangement is totally   to us.
2) We may have to their proposal after all.
3) I've just received their letter of   so we can go ahead.

2. ACT

1) The unions have threatened to take industrial
2) It's been a very day on the Stock Exchange.
3) The R&D department seems full of at the moment.

3. ADD

1) We'll be bringing out several to our product line.
2) There's an   bonus if I exceed my sales target by more than 10%.
3) We ordered a pizza with cheese.


1) We'll need a detailed cost   before giving final approval.
2) Most think we're in for a difficult time.
3) Let's  the sales figures for the last two months.


1) Unfortunately we can't interview every .
2) I sent in my letter of and they phoned me the next day.
3) The regulations are not when there are fewer than 10 employees.


1) We'll need some financial to enable us to buy more stock.
2) He was in a meeting so I spoke to the manager.
3) The team will the company with the development of the product.


1) One of the of the offer is the free training course.
2) The advertisement me to this film.
3) They were offering a very salary so of course I was interested.


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