Word Families. Choose the best word to complete each sentence. 

1. The school _________ encourages students to do their best.
2. Her eyes were hurting from the _______ lights.
3. In _______ to other recent video games, this one isn’t very exciting.
4. When asked about the possibility, his answer was a _______ "no."
5. His playing is technically brilliant, but it doesn’t _______ me.
6. We’ve seen an enormous _______in the number of businesses using the Web.
7. I’ve always been perfectly _______ until now.
8. Somehow, I can’t _______him without a beard.

Well done! You're almost there!
9. He would never have _______ become involved in industrial espionage.
10. At his performances, audiences roared with _______.
11. As a commuter service, the ferry has outlived its _______.


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