Let's see if you remember these 10 idioms. Complete the sentences below. 

1. Just a few days more and you will feel as right as .
2. My driving exam was a . I only had to take it once. 
3. I think she’s chasing if she thinks she can get into Harvard with her bad grades.
4. I’ll be there to help you move house come rain or .
5. I got fired from work yesterday, but every has a silver lining and now I can spend more time writing my book.
6. She was a -weather friend because she wasn’t interested in me once I had lost my fortune.

Well done! You're almost there!
7. He got of the closure of the company so he started looking for a new job immediately.
8. First, I lost his keys to the house, then my wallet and then my car broke down. It never rains but it .


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