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Dialogue one

A: Good morning! It’s another lovely day, ?
B: It certainly is. It wasn’t as warm as this yesterday, ?
A: No it wasn’t. It poured cats and dogs yesterday evening, ?
B: Yes, it did. The sunshine, though, makes you feel very good, ?
A: You are absolutely right.

Dialogue two

A: Gosh. It’s absolutely scorching, ?
B: Yeah. The heat is simply unbearable, ?
A: That’s true. I hate when it gets so sultry, ?
B: Yeah, I do. Your shirt just sticks to your body, ?
A: If only the wind blew, the air wouldn’t be so stale, ?
B: I’m afraid the forecast says it will only get hotter, ?
A: I’m afraid it does.

Dialogue three

A: Good morning! It’s rather chilly today, ?
B: Yeah, And the sky is overcast. It hasn’t been as cold as this for ages, ?
A: That’s true. We’ve had some lovely weather recently, ?
B: Mm. Ah, well. Mustn’t complain, ?

Dialogue four

A: It looks as if we are going to have a shower from that cloud, ?
B: Actually, I hope it does rain. We could do with a little drizzle, ?
A: Yeah. I believe you’re right. Last few days were really sweltering, ?
B: They certainly were. The lawn is begging for some water, ?
A: True. It gets pretty expensive to water the grass in the summer, ?
B: It does. That’s why I’m looking forward to some rain, actually.

Dialogue five

A: Look, the sky is clearing up, ?
B: Yeah, it definitely looks like it. The clouds are dissipating, ?
A: Yes, they are. I hope it dries before we go out of the office, ?
B: Yeah, I do. I only have flip-flops today. The forecast didn’t say it might rain, ?
A: No, they said there will be sunny intervals, ?
B: Oh well, one shouldn’t believe these weathermen so gullibly.



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