1) We are focusing _____ increasing our customer satisfaction this quarter.
2) The new marketing strategy is based _____ data analysis.
3) The company's success is dependent _____ the hard work of its employees.
4) The meeting is scheduled _____ the conference room at 2pm.
5) I will be in charge ____ managing the budget this year.
6) The product launch will be held _____ the convention center.

7) We are currently in negotiations _____ a potential partner.
8) The company's growth is a result ____ consistent innovation.
9) I am confident _____ my ability to lead the team to success.
10) The proposal is due _____ Friday at 5pm.
11) We will be conducting market research _____ a focus on our target demographic.
12) The company's mission is to provide exceptional customer service _____ an affordable price.
13) The presentation will be given by the CEO _____ the annual meeting.
14) Our competitors are constantly _____ our radar.
15) The company's profits are a direct result _____ efficient operations.

16) The training program is designed _____ new employees.
17) We will be collaborating with other companies _____ this project.
18) The company's reputation is built _____ integrity and honesty.
19) The deadline for the project is _____ two weeks.
20) The company's success story is rooted _____ its humble beginnings.



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