Star Thrower

A man was walking (1) the beach when he noticed a young boy apparently picking something (2) the ground and throwing it out (3) the sea. As the man got closer to the boy he saw (4) the objects were starfish. And the boy was surrounded (5) them. For miles and miles all along the shore, there seemed to (6) millions of them.

'Why in the (7) are you throwing starfish into the water?' he asked the boy as he approached.

'If these starfish are on the beach tomorrow morning when the tide goes (8) , they will die,' replied the boy, continuing with his work.

'But that's ridiculous!' cried the man. 'Look around (9) . There are thousands of miles of beach and millions of starfish. How can you believe that what you're doing could possibly (10) a difference?'

The young boy picked up another starfish, paused thoughtfully, and remarked (11) he tossed it out into the waves, 'It makes a difference (12) this one.'



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