marathon runners starting
Ready. Steady. GO!

1. Can you pick me up the airport?
2. I was offered a job the airport.
3. The taxi dropped me off the hotel.
4. We flew the new stadium as we were landing.
5. He had a suitcase one hand, and his passport in the other.
6. Go down the corridor. My office is the last one the right.
7. There's parking lot the back of the building.
8. She wasn't feeling well and her doctor sent her hospital.
9. We had a lovely holiday the country.
10. He had a portrait of himself hanging the wall.

runners marathon

Keep up the good work!

11. Put your signature the bottom of the page.
12. Before the tunnel was built, we had to drive the mountain.
13. When I got promoted, I had six junior managers working me.
14. I asked the boss if I could work home because my daughter was ill.
15. Check the drawers. I remember putting the documents the bottom drawer.
16. I was the way to the station when we had an accident.
17. the roundabout take the third exit.
18. Switch it by pressing this button.
19. Why don't you sit me? There's a free chair here.
20. Nobody 18 is allowed to buy alcohol.

Well done! It's almost half of the distance! Good pace!

21. He didn't even apologize being late to the meeting.
22. Can I add something what Steven said earlier?
23. Is the workshop insured fire?
24. It clearly depends your own attitude. If you think you can do it, you can. 🙂
25. The package consists the main unit and some accessories.
26. It took us an hour to get here. 57 minutes to be exact.
27. She got her car and drove off.
28. I've divided my presentation three parts.
29. Nothing would prevent him speaking out against injustice.
30. Please, let me pay this. I insist.

You are on fire! Excellent work! Finish line is already in sight!

31. We can supply you a full range of sizes.
32. We specialize developing IT solutions for the health sector.
33. Let me congratulate you becoming the new CEO.
34. Lisbon reminds me a bit San Francisco.
35. Who agrees me that we should go ahead with the plan?
36. Does this phone belong anyone here?
37. In the next meeting we should focus the budget.
38. I've been feeling stress lately.
39. The rain seemed to have set for the day.
40. He invented a new game, but it never really caught .
41. She's not   lying when it suits her.
42. more information, call this number.
Luckily for you, in this marathon you don't need to cover the remaining 0.195 km, which Pheidippides run to report on the victory to ancient Athenians 🙂

marathon runners on a finish line

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