I work _______ a medium-sized, family-owned business


We offer specialized services _______ the construction industry.


I personally specialize _______ lighting installations inside buildings – my background is in electrical engineering.


My role is to talk to the architects and the developers, to try to persuade them _______ the importance of modern lighting design inside a building.


I show them how it can create a good working atmosphere and add to a company's image. I explain our track record _______ this field and show them a portfolio of other lighting installations that we've done.


Once the initial contact has been made and the client is ready for a detailed proposal, I take a back seat _______ a while.


Somebody else looks at the detailed specifications for the installation and then another colleague researches the cost ____ the labour and materials.


Those two people work _____ me, and I supervise their work quite closely. Finally, our legal department draws up the proposal.


I oversee the whole process and sign off the proposal before it's sent _____ the client.


There are a number of other people that I liaise ____ on a day-to-day basis.


We have an Office Manager who handles incoming calls, organizes my schedule and keeps ____ top of the filing and administration.


And then outside the company I have close contact with the architects and with the project management team responsible ____ the whole construction.


I report _____ the Head of Business Development, and she reports directly to the CEO, so there are not many layers in the company and it's not at all bureaucratic.


My work is challenging, ____ course, because it involves both a sales function and a technical function - and every project is different.


But the atmosphere in the office is great. It's very informal and I'm ____ first-name terms with everyone, even the CEO.

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