1. If you had called me earlier, I ______ come to the party.
2. I searched everywhere for my passport. It _____ fallen out of my bag.
3. You ______ worried so much about the exam. It wasn't that difficult!
4. He didn't arrive for our meeting. He _____ forgotten about it.
5. She didn't answer her phone, but she _____ seen my missed calls
6. I _____ eaten so much chocolate last night. Now I feel sick!
7. If I'd known about the traffic, I _____ left home earlier.
8. We _____ brought an umbrella. It didn't rain after all.
9. She's not here now, but she _____ taken the earlier train.
10. I _____ studied more for the exam, but I was too confident in my abilities.

Well done! You're almost there!

11. They didn't come to our event, though they _____ enjoyed it.
12. If he had asked her directly, she _____ told him the truth.



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