Patrick has a yacht and a helicopter he _______ be extraordinarily rich.
We waited for over an hour for you. You really _______ have texted to say you were not coming.
Why didn't you do it? You promised you _____, for certain.
After father’s death our mother is awfully lonely now. We _____ spend more time with her.
They left only an hour ago. They _____ hardly have arrived yet.
There's a chance he'll arrive in time for supper, but he _____ be a lot later.
Neil ate all the food so hungrily and quickly that he _____ have been a wolf.

We should all wash our hands before putting them in our mouths, but dentists absolutely _____.
Eat whatever you can. We _____ put the rest in the fridge and have it for lunch tomorrow.
We _____ meet there every Sunday until they closed the place down.
Have you heard about all the things that happened? It _____ have been a very pleasant holiday for them, can it?
I can't see my phone anywhere. I _____ have left it in the office.

Well done! You're almost there!

You can hear so much of what is going on in the next rooms that the walls of that hotel _____ be made of cardboard.
She _____ always do it before anyone asked her to.
I'm so sleepy that I _____ scarcely keep my eyes open.



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