Susan and Fred on rocky waters of relationships.

Please don’t ___ a word to anyone.

Susan is having second _____ about getting married.

She is not sure if now is the ______ time to get married.

She says she’s under a lot of ______ from her boyfriend, Fred.

He wants her to ____ up her mind one way or the other.

Susan’s ___ a dream job in San Francisco. She is very proud of it.

If she leaves him, it will ____ him right.

They keep having big ______ these days. I don't think this relationship will last.

They were making so much _____ that someone called the police.

Fred is threatening to go on holiday on his own if she doesn't _______ to the wedding.

He’s looking _____ to spending some time on his own.

I wouldn't be surprised if Susan wasn't ______ for him when he gets back.

Fred came to his senses and agreed to move to San Francisco with Susan. Instead of spending the money on holidays, they are looking for a flat.



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