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INTERVIEWER: Right. Finally I'd like to tum to the question of motivation. We talked earlier about salary and about opportunities for promotion, but we know that these are not the only way to motivate people.

JURGEN Absolutely. Apart from the tangible there are what I would call intrinsic motivators. The first is autonomy. This is the amount of that you have over your work. The responsibility that you have. The second is variety - a lot of evidence suggests that different types of work, even job , can help improve motivation. The third is the extent to which the job uses your abilities. An individual will doing a job that requires them to use abilities that they have and that they value. The fourth aspect, I think, is consistent meaningful . People want to know how they are doing - they want to be advised from time to time about their own performance and they want also to be involved in evaluating their own performance. The fifth thing I think is the belief that the is significant. Nothing is more demoralizing than to feel that your company doesn't really care about the project you're working on. And notice that all these five things are exactly the kind of things that can be discussed in an interview.

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