INTERVIEWER: You mentioned appraisal just now, and of course appraisal is important for many things apart from salary - promotion, identifying training needs, and so on. What are the key issues in the appraisal process?

JURGEN: Appraisals, or performance reviews as they're often called, are absolutely to good management practice. They are usually annual, and involve looking at criteria that are agreed the line manager and the employee beforehand. The aim is to take an overall view of the progress that the individual has made, and then use that to plan that person's job for the year. But the process of appraisal is becoming more complex - people work in a global environment in different countries and work in a   organization with different managers. We have to collect data from a number of sources in to discuss with the employee how things have been this year, what's gone well, what hasn't gone well, where do you think you need to , what skills or training you might need for the future and so on. That joint discussion will then result in some kind of performance rating, and this will often be directly to pay increases or opportunities for promotion.



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