Let's practise talking about likes and dislikes. Read the sentences below and decide if they talk about likes or dislikes.

1.He is in his element when he is sailing.
2.She adores drinking coffee with milk and honey.
3.Ever since I remember, I had a passion for riding a bike.
4.You can ask him for help. He is into computers so he should know how to fix yours.
5.The new model has gone down well with the customers. The orders are pouring in.
6.She's is not overly fond of cooking, that's why they often eat out.
7.My flatmates want to have a party, but I’m not keen on the idea.
8.The idea of working abroad really appeals to me.
9.It's her only child. No wonder she has a soft spot for him.
10.He doesn't take kindly to being interrupted when he speaks. You should have kept quiet.

Well done! You're almost there!
11.I don't eat meat much these days. It has gone off me lately.
12.She loathes it when people don't turn up on time for meetings.
13.She evidently detests her ex-husband after he left her and the children.


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