1. What does "find your feet" mean?
2. If someone is "raising the bar," what are they doing?
3. To "take the bull by the horns" means to:
4. When "the pieces of the puzzle start falling into place," it means:
5. What does "making headway" imply?
6. To "bear fruit" means to:
7. Being "stuck in the mud" means:
8. "Getting the ball rolling" is to:
9. A "runaway success" refers to:
10. To "not see the wood for the trees" means:
11. "Plugging away" at something means:
12. To "get off the ground" means:
13. If you "play your cards right," it means:
14. "Hitting a home run" means:
15. "Coming on leaps and bounds" means:
16. Being "in your element" means:
17. When you're "knee deep in mud," it means you are:
18. "Not out of the woods yet" implies:
19. Having "green fingers" means:
20. If you're "on the right path," it means:
21. "Step by step" suggests:


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