Heather meets Tony - take 2

Heather: Tony, do you have a 1) ? I’d like to discuss something important.

Tony: Of course, Heather. What’s 2) ?

Heather: I know you’ve got a training 3) this afternoon, and I really value the learning opportunities it provides. However, we have a 4) of a situation with the workload that’s built up while I was away, and now there's a presentation I need to 5) for Paris next week.

Tony: I understand, Heather. It’s just that this will be the third session I've had to 6) . I was promised a hundred hours of training when I 7) this job, and I’ve hardly received any so far.

Heather: I completely understand your 8) , Tony. Your training is just as important to me. Let’s make a 9) where you can assist with some immediate tasks today, and I'll ensure you make up for the missed training sessions. How about we schedule a couple of extra sessions next week? I can also look into some 10) resources to enhance your learning experience.

Tony: That sounds fair, Heather. I appreciate you finding a 11) . What do you need help with?

Heather: Thank you, Tony. I really 12) your flexibility. Let’s start with organizing the data for the Paris presentation. I’ll make sure we allocate time for you to 13) up on your training. Also, I'm here to support you, so let's ensure we keep the lines of communication open.

Tony: Sounds good, Heather. Let’s get to work then.

Heather: Great, and Tony, I’m committed to ensuring you get the full training you were promised. Let’s touch 14) at the end of the day and make sure we’re on track with both the presentation and your training schedule.



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