Welcome to Grammar in the business context!

This test checks your handling of English grammar. The questions cover a number of grammar topics. Listen to each dialogues to get some help.

1. A: How long has the company ­­­________ in business?
B: We opened in 2001.
2. A: How ________ you get to work every morning?
B: Well, I usually go by car.
3. A: Are you ________ on the new project?
B: Yes, I’m in charge of the budget.
4. A: He’s leaving ________  Brussels on Tuesday.
B: Oh, then he’ll miss the meeting.
5. A:  ________ you like to visit our offices?
B: Sure, thanks, I'd love to.
6. A: He didn’t go to the training course.
B: Well, he should have as he still ________ know how the system works.
7. A: The phone is ringing.
B: Don’t worry. I ________ get it.
8. A: She’s been ________ for the company for fifteen years. 
B: I didn’t know she has been here for so long.
9. A: If the sales ________ improve soon, we’ll be in trouble.
B: Yes, but I am sure they will.
10. A: Would you mind if I smoked here?
B: Actually, I'd rather you ______.

A: They want us _______ their order before next Tuesday.
B: Well, that won’t be easy. They will have to pay us extra for it. 

12. A: What ________ he been doing for the last few days?
B: I have no idea. You'll have to ask him yourself.

A: Does he really intend to resign ________  month?
B: Well, that’s what he said.

14. A: What would you do if you ______  your job?
B:I think, I could find another one quite easily.
15. A: Do you think we will finish it _______ time?
B: No way! There's still a lot to be done.
16. A: How ________ will it take to get there?
B: We should be there by twelve.
17. A: ________ does she report to?
B: Sue, she is her line manager. Why?
18. A: ________ department does he work in?
B: Sales, I think.
19. A: ________ you agree with what she said?
B: Yes, I think she was absolutely right.
20. A: We’re not interested ________ buying any of their products.
B: I know what you mean, they are too expensive.
21. A: ________ he joined the company there have been a lot of changes.
B: Yeah. But not all of them have been improvements.
22. A: ________ fault was it?
B: Actually, it was mine. I mixed up the addresses.
23. A: ________ the delay, there are still some unfinished issues.
B: I’m sure we’ll be able to sort them out.
24. A: What do you think of our latest campaign?
B: If you ask me, I'd say it's ________ appealing than the last one.
25. A: Before ________ the contract you should get it checked by a lawyer.
B: You're right. Do you know any good lawyers?

Well done! You're almost there!
26. A: How much would it cost ______ this machine?
B: It would work out at under two thousand pounds a year.
27. A: Six thousand dollars is far ________ expensive for us.
B: Well, couldn’t we ask them for a discount?
28. A: Our products are as good ________ any you can find on the market.
B: I would say they’re actually better than most.
29. A: Did they say how long it would take?
B: Yes. _______ to take much longer than we expected.

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