Complete this dialogue with the words from the table above.

Alita: Hey Sven, have you seen this article about how to get by your boss? It's really interesting.

Sven: Yeah, I read it this morning. It's definitely a tough market out there, and we all want to out.

Alita: Exactly. The article suggests starting a daily to share updates with your boss. I think that's a great idea. It's like planting a flag on the top of the mountain, showing that you're actively working on something.

Sven: Yeah, it's all about visibility. You can't just sit in the back room and expect your boss to notice all the hard work you're doing. You have to a spotlight on it.

Alita: And it's not just about showing what you're doing, but also about proactively helping your boss with their challenges. It's like being a player, and showing that you're willing to go the extra mile.

Sven: Absolutely. It's like being a utility player on a sports team. You have to be able to in wherever there's a need.

Alita: Exactly. And the article also mentions creating a window into your work by sharing documents and metrics. It's like up the curtains and letting everyone see what's going on inside.

Sven: Yeah, it's about transparency. You can't expect your boss to promote you if they don't even know what you're working on. You have to be an open .



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