Welcome to General English Social Test!
It is very important to know how to behave in social situations. This test checks how good your social English is in business context. Choose the most appropriate response in every situation. Most of the time, it is a question of culture and politeness.

1. How do you do?
2. It was very nice of you to meet me.
3. Do you mind if I smoke?
4. Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean it. 
5. It looks like rain. 
6. Do come in! 
7. Have a nice weekend! 
8. You’re checking in at the airport. Ask for a seat near a window.
9. You talk with a colleague who speaks English better than you. You didn’t understand what he said.  Ask him to repeat. 
10. You need to change $50 at the exchange office. 
11. You are going on holidays. You want to book a room in a hotel.
12. You are in a restaurant. You have just finished eating. Ask a waiter to bring a bill.
13. You are in an unknown town. Ask for the way to the station.
14. You don’t feel well. Phone a doctor and arrange a meeting.
15. You phone your colleague but he’s not at home. How do you leave a message?
16. You are in a shop. You want to know the price of something. 
17. You are in a clothes shop. You want to see if the trousers suit you. 
18. Is next Friday suitable? 
19. Thank you very much. That was very kind of you to help us.
20. You’re at the airport checking in. The airline steward says something about your flight being delayed, but you don’t understand her. What could you say? 
21. You’re at a restaurant. The waiter has brought you chicken but you asked for steak. What do you say to the waiter?
22. You’re staying at a hotel, and you have to get up at 7:15 the next morning. What do you say to the receptionist? 
23. You bought some jeans yesterday but when you got home you saw the zip was broken. You take them back the next day. What do you say to the shop assistant? 
24. You have just bought a ticket from London to Oxford.  The train leaves at 11:15 and you want to know more or less what time you’ll arrive. What do you say to the ticket clerk? 
25. You’re at party. You break glass and you want to apologize. What do you say? 
26. You’re on holiday with a friend.  You’ve got a camera but you’d like a photo with both of you in it. You stop a stranger. What do you say to him/her? 
27. You’re with some colleagues. You haven’t decided what to do in the evening, so you suggest going to the cinema. What could you say? 
28. You’ve arranged to go out with some friends but you’re not sure where to meet. What do you say? 
29. Sue, I haven’t seen you for ages! What were you up to? 
30. Did you have any problems finding us? 
31. John sends his regards, by the way. 
32. I think we’ve met before, haven’t we? 
33. It’s very nice to meet you at last. 
34. I hope you had a pleasant journey? 
35. Is this your first time in Scotland? 
36. What line of business are you in? 
37. Isn’t this weather awful? Half a meter of snow this morning, I heard. 
38. You’re at your colleague’s house and need to make a phone call. What could you say? 
39. Anna, have you met John before?  
40. Do you know his full name? 
41. Where’s she from? 
42. What does Graham do? 
43. Do you like windsurfing? 
44. It’s 11.30! Why are you working so late? 

Well done! You're almost there!
45. Bad new, is it? 
46. Come on! We should’ve left ten minutes ago! 
47. Let’s have a break, shall we? 
48. Can I have one of your fags? 
49. To your health! 
50. See you later, Sue. 

Świetnie! Lekcja ukończona!

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