Let's practise the language of forgetting and remembering a bit more, shall we?

1."To help someone remember."
2."I am very close to remembering and saying something."
3."Right now I am remembering."
4."It is difficult for me to remember the name."
5."I'm trying very hard to remember, but it's not working."
6."I now remember!"
7."To forget to do something."

Well done! You're almost there!
8."My memory right now is failing me completely."
9."I would not have thought of it otherwise, but what you have just said has made me remember."
10."At first I did not remember, but after some more thought, now I do"


Świetnie! Lekcja ukończona!

Pamiętaj, żeby dodać lekcję do zrobionych. W ten sposób zapiszesz lekcję w swojej historii nauki.