Alita, Pete, Sven, and Janek are meeting on Zoom to discuss the progress of the negotiations.

Alita: So, have we made any progress on the price negotiation?

Pete: Yeah, I think we're (1) there. We've made some good headway, but we still have a long (2) to go.

Sven: I agree. It's been a productive conversation so far, and I think we're on the right (3) .

Janek: I'm not so sure. It feels like we're going (4) in circles. We keep revisiting the same points without making much progress.

Alita: Well, we did get sidetracked a bit by the delivery timeline. Maybe we need to go (5) to that and try to reach a compromise.

Pete: Yeah, I agree. And we haven't got as (6) as discussing the terms of the contract yet. That's an important point to address.

Sven: It feels like the conversation has drifted a little. Where are we (7) exactly?

Janek: I'm not sure. It seems like we've (8) a lot of ground, but we're not any closer to a resolution.

Alita: Maybe we should take a break and come back to this tomorrow. I think that's as (9) as we can go today. We can't afford to (10) sidetracked again. We need to stay focused on the main topic if we want to make progress.



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