1. I did enjoy (read) your news in your last letter, and I’m sorry this reply is so late, ...
2. ... but I put off (write) to you until our holiday plans were settled.
3. Jane and I have decided (go) on a safari this year ...
4. ... and we’ve been spending a lot of time (plan) the trip.
5. Our neighbours recommended us (go), though they suggested going on a package holiday.
6. However, we dislike (travel) in groups ...
7. ... and so we’re planning (travel) independently.
8. We hope (hire) a minibus, drive to the south of Europe and then put it on a boat.

Well done! You are doing great! Keep up the good work!
9. We’re setting out on 1st September and expect (be) away for a couple of months at least.
10. We’ve arranged for friends (come) and look after the house while we’re away.
11. My parents-in-law offered (come) and live here, ...
12. ... but I couldn’t help (worry) what would happen when we returned.
13. They might not agree (move) out again!
14. We’ve also had some problems with our jobs.  Jane’s employers threatened (sack) her if she took any more time off this year, so she’s handed in her notice.

Well done! You're almost there!
15. Luckily, a friend of ours has promised (give) her a job as manager of a small shop when we return.
16. As for me, I finish (work) at the end of July and have to start again in January, ...
17. ... otherwise I risk (lose) my job.


Świetnie! Lekcja ukończona!

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