Setting: Millennium Falcon's cockpit


  • Princess Leia (L)
  • Han Solo (H)

(Scene begins with Princess Leia and Han Solo discussing their next course of action.)

L: Han, we need a plan. If the Empire (discover) our location, they'll attack us without hesitation.

H: I know, Leia. If I (have) a better hyperdrive, we'd be out of here in no time.

L: Well, we don't have a better hyperdrive. If you (can) find a safe route, we can still avoid Imperial detection.

H: Alright, if I (find) a less-travelled route through the asteroid field, we'll slip past their patrols.

L: If we make it through the asteroid field, we can rendezvous with the Rebel fleet. But if we're caught, the Rebellion's mission will be jeopardized.

H: Don't worry, Princess. If I had known this was going to be easy, I wouldn't have taken the job.

L: We also need to find a way to contact Luke. If we can't reach him, he (will not) know where to meet us.

H: I'll try boosting the signal. If we (to be) lucky, he'll pick it up.

L: If only we (have) more time, we could develop a better strategy.

H: Time is one thing we don't have, Princess. If we (linger) here too long, we'll be sitting ducks for the Empire.

L: That's true. If we manage to lose the Empire's pursuit, we should lie low for a while.

H: If we (to be) in a less conspicuous ship, we might be able to blend in better.

L: Well, this is the ship we've got, and we have to make the best of it. If you (stay) focused, I'm sure we can escape the Empire's grasp.

H: Don't worry, Leia. If there (to be) one thing I'm good at, it's getting out of tight spots.

(Scene ends with Han Solo plotting a course while Leia watches with determination, both understanding the risks and potential outcomes of their daring plan.)



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