A: Personally / , I think this whole project was a waste of time.

B: To be honest / I tend to agree with you.

A: However / we've poured too much money into it to scrap it now, haven't we? 


A: By the way / , did you get in touch with our rep in Dubai?

B: Actually / , she sent me an email. Let me just find it in my inbox.


A: Obviously / , we don't want to have an industrial action on our hands.

B: Fortunately / , we may not have to. I spoke to the union representative and we reached some compromise.


A: In general / , did people like the idea of an open-plan office?

B: Funnily enough / , they didn't. We may have to prepare a different layout for the new office. 


A: To sum up / , by the end of the year we should be nearing the break-even point. 

B: Basically / , then, we're going to make a net loss. 

A: Technically / , yes. However that's because we're channelling so much money back into the business. 


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