1.In our summer sale, we have clothes from top designers at prices.
2.There’s a special ticket that means you can see six concerts, which is definitely good for money.
3.We have a vast range of cars to choose from at prices.

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4.A: How much is a single room for one night?
B: It's £15 a night.
A: Only £15 a night? That sounds .
5.A: No way! I ruined my new suit.
B: There are some places that can mend your suit in a couple of hours, but it’s going to you.
6.Getting good health insurance these days costs an and a leg.

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A: Where did you stay on your honeymoon?
B: We stayed in a Victorian hotel in San Francisco.


A: It's $80 dollars. Would you like to pay cash or by credit card?
B: Eighty dollars for a pair of jeans? What a -off!


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