Welcome to Business Social English Test - Part 2!

It is very important to know how to behave in any social situation. This test checks how good is your social English in a business environment.

Some of the questions have more than one correct answer.

1. You have just bought a ticket from London to Oxford.  The train leaves at 11:15 and you want to know more or less what time you’ll arrive. What do you say to the ticket clerk?
2. You’re chatting with some business acquaintances at a conference party. You break a glass and you want to apologize. What do you say?
3. You’re on holiday with a friend.  You’ve got a camera but you’d like a photo with both of you in it. You stop a stranger. What do you say to him/her?
4. You’re with some colleagues after work. You haven’t decided what to do in the evening, so you suggest going to the cinema. What could you say?
5. You’ve arranged to go out with some friends but you’re not sure where to meet. What do you say?
6. Sue, I haven’t seen you for ages! What were you up to?
7. So, what’s happening in Sweden these days?
8. Did you have any problems finding us?
9. John sends his regards, by the way.
10. I think we’ve met before, haven’t we?
11. It’s very nice to meet you at last.
12. Hello. I’m Peter Morgan. I’m afraid my colleague, John Scales couldn’t make it.

Well done! You are doing great! Keep up the good work!
13. I hope you had a pleasant journey?
14. Is this your first time in Scotland?
15. What line of business are you in?
16. I really enjoyed your talk this morning.
17. Isn’t this weather awful? Half a meter of snow this morning, I heard.
18. So, anyway we are getting the best results in Denmark – 13,000 units.
19. It is high time we agreed on the deadline for phase one, John?
20. A: How long has the company ­­­________ in business?
B: We opened in 2001.

Well done! You're almost there!
21. I’m afraid we can’t give you such a generous discount this time.
22. Anna, have you met John before? He’s been with us since the merger.
23. You are negotiating a deal with a new supplier. You have agreed on most things already. It is time to summarize things. What could you say?
24. You are at a business presentation. The speaker has just said something which you do not understand fully. Interrupt to get more information.
25. You are chairing a meeting. All the participants have already arrived. It’s time to start. What could you say?

Świetnie! Lekcja ukończona!

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