1.I've known them for years · since I was a child, in fact.
2.Throughout his playing career he was by injury.
3.He said we could double our money in two days? It sounds a bit to me.
4.At first, the criticism he got in the press used to affect him, but now it's like water off a back.
5.Of course she didn't see you. She's as blind as a .
6.Did we enjoy the party? We most certainly did. We had a of a time.
7.You can sit there and argue till the come home, but I'm not changing my mind.
8.If I hadn't , the ball would have hit me square between the eyes.
9.Unlike the other players in the semi-finals, Popov is a bit of a dark .
10.We're getting nowhere! This is a wild chase.
11.It's only fair. It was his idea, so he should get the share of the profits.

Well done! You're almost there!
12.Ted has always been the black of the family. His parents are lawyers, his two brothers are doctors, while he dropped out of school at 15.
13.You're not going to your way out of doing the washing-up this time.
14.It was a nightmare. She on about her job for hours!


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