A: They've another 200 people at Toyota car factory.
B: That's dreadful! Industry in this town may as well pack up altogether.


A: Maybe Joseph will the deal.
B: I sounded him out but he wasn't interested.


A: He said it was a good buy because, despite its age, it has only 50,000 mileage.
B: You didn't that old trick, did you? I bet he'd turned it back.


A: How did you the Penny Black?
B: It was in a some cardboard box in my grandfather's attic.


A: He's been ! No - he's on his feet again! No - he's passed out completely.
B: What a tragedy! To be counted out in the first round.


A: They won't like your report. You've really this time.
B: I know - I really shouldn't have taken so many days off in January.


A: We difficulties when we tried to sell our late mother's property.
B: Yeah, these inheritance cases can be quite challenging.


A: Why do they always go to their daughter at the train station? She's almost 20 years old, isn't she?
B: I've been wondering about it too. They are over-protective if you ask me.


A: The plane crash was engine failure.
B: What a mess! They will probably ground all planes of this type now.


A: Catherine weight when she gave up smoking.
B: I did tell her there were downsides to quitting smoking.


A: High River has been its name in the recent floods.
B: What!? It has burst its banks again, has it?


A: You can me – I will never let you down.
B: Thanks! It's very comforting to hear.


A: They knew all about it, but they didn’t until the very last minute.
B: Really? Well, I'm not surprised. I wouldn't want my family to get that kind of spotlight.


A: She speaks so quickly that it’s hard to what she’s saying.
B: Yes, she does, doesn't she. And on top of that there's her strong Indian accent.


A: I don’t believe your story – I think you’re it .
B: No, I'm not, really! I'm not trying to pull your leg here.


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