Ready for some fun with learning words?!


I don't know the hotel personally, but it is __________ to be quite a good one.


Sit down and ________ me exactly what happened during the accident. 


Let's _______ the new neighbours to dinner next Saturday. 

4. We'd better _______ the whole thing over again before we make a decision.
5. The Minister is going to _____ in Parliament tomorrow about unemployment.
6. The doctor took his temperature and then _______ him straight to bed.
7. Some people claim that the imported cola is better than the local product but I can't _______ the difference.

Well done! You are doing great! Keep up the good work!
8. Daddy, Nigel has ________ me to marry him!
9. And what have you got to _______ for yourself? How do you explain your behaviour?
10. I have been _______ them that they are making a grave mistake.
11. After two years of learning, I _______ Spanish well enough to make myself understood.
12. Waiter! We're ready to _______ now.

Well done! You're almost there!
13. Why didn't she once _______ a word about her illness?
14. Go and ________ that man what he is doing here. He looks a bit dodgy.
15. The teachers are ________ about going on a strike again.


Świetnie! Lekcja ukończona!

Pamiętaj, żeby dodać lekcję do zrobionych. W ten sposób zapiszesz lekcję w swojej historii nauki.