The quiet power of introverts

The quiet power of introverts

The quiet power of introverts
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Answer the questions below. Listen to Bella and report back what you heard.

Are you an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert?

Yeah, I think I’m an introvert. For a long time, I felt a bit worried about being shy and quiet. I used to think it was a bad thing, you know? But then, I started learning more about psychology and how being an introvert is actually pretty cool. It’s like having a superpower for deep thinking and being creative. So now, I’m totally okay with it. I guess understanding yourself really helps.

Is it easier to be an extrovert or an introvert in the modern world?

“Well, when I’m feeling a bit down, I usually try to do something that cheers me up. Sometimes, it’s as simple as listening to my favorite music or watching a funny movie. Other times, I call a good friend to chat, or I go for a walk. I think getting some fresh air and a bit of exercise can really help lift my spirits. Oh, and I love baking too! There’s something about making cookies or a cake that just makes me happier.”

 How could introverts and extroverts improve the way they interact with each other?

I think the key is understanding and respect. Like, introverts and extroverts are different, right? Extroverts should know that introverts might need some quiet time and might not always want to be in the middle of a big crowd. And us introverts, we should try to step out of our comfort zone sometimes and join in the fun. It’s all about balance and not pushing each other too much. If we try to see things from each other’s perspective, we can totally get along better.


key language

Check if you know these words.


watch the video

Watch the video.



Answer these questions using information from the video and your own experience.

  • In what sense is the world designed for extroverts?
  • Why is this a problem for introverts?
  • What do people think of introvert children and why is it a misconception?
  • How does science explain being introvert or extrovert?
  • Who is an ambivert?
  • What strategies can introvert people use to cope with the noisy world?


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The quiet power of introverts


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