1. A: Can I have some water, please?
B: Sorry, we only have tap water at the moment.
2. A: I'd like to report a problem. There is no water.
B: Yes, we are aware of it. We are fixing it as we speak.
3. Has the public been notified of the of the local water supply?
4. The island can only be reached water.
5. A: Do you have any fish in the menu?
B: No, sir, we only have fish from the sea.
6. After the outbreak of the pandemic, the economy moved into waters.
7. She did hurt me, but it doesn't matter. That's water under the now.

Well done! You're almost there!
8. She was like a out of water when isolated from her family.
9. Due to the drought, there is a severe water in the country.


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