1. A: How was your hotel?
B: Nothing special. It was rather , in fact. There were no extra facilities.
2. A: How was the food like?
B: Horrible! Really! It was so that I needed to bring my own salt and pepper.
3. A: What was the weather like?
B: It could better. It was most of the day. I didn't get much suntan.
4. A: Was your hotel located?
B: Actually, it was. We had just a few minutes to the beach.
5. A: What do you think of the Greek people?
B: I found them very friendly and . They were relaxed, calm and open.
6. A: I hear you had some fancy holidays, right?
B: Yes, that's true. We went to a hotel in Haiti. It had everything you can imagine.

Well done! You're almost there!
7. A: Did you have a good time?
B: Yes, we did. If only it wasn't so .
A: Oh, sorry to hear that. You could try some kite-surfing at least.
8. A: Do you recommend buying an all-inclusive holiday?
B: No, not really. I know it is convenient, but the food is not very . You will be bored with eating the same things day after day.


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