Ready! Steady! GO!!!


So, I’ll begin by filling you in the background to the project.

2. Then I’ll go to highlight what I see as the main advantage of the new system.
3. So, I’ll begin by making a few observations the events leading up to that collapse.
4. Then, I’ll go on to put the situation in some kind perspective.
5. This morning I’m going to show you how to deal late payers.
6. Then I’ll go on to talk you our basic debt management system.
7. So, I’ll begin by giving you an overview the history of VR technology.
8. This morning I’m going to report the results of the market study we carried out in Austria.
9. So, I’ll begin by bringing you to date on the latest findings of the study.
10. Then, I’ll go on to discuss more depth the implications of the date in front of you.


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