Complete the sentences below with the same words that were used in the examples above. Read the examples carefully to find the exact words to complete these sentences. Other options are possible too, but you only get points for the same words as in the examples.

1. Thank you for coming.
2. Let’s get started. We have an lot to do and not much time to do it.
3. Let’s get the rolling.
4. On the agenda, you’ll three main items.
5. There is one item to discuss today.
6. I hope you are familiar the agenda.
7. We’re here to about the plans for…
8. Our objective is discuss ideas for …
9. This meeting was called because …
10. I’m not that’s relevant.
11. Can we deal that later, Martin?
12. Could you expand this a bit?
13. Where do you stand this?
14. Is there anything you’d like to to that, Susan?
15. Could I come here?
16. Right, to sum .

Well done! You're almost there!
17. Let me our arrangements so far.
18. Unless there is anything , let’s continue.
19. Let’s call it a , shall we?
20. He the newspaper from the floor.


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