Ready. Steady. GO! 

1.A: How are you getting on with your project?
B: Not too well, actually. I'm getting fast with it.
2.A: What's Sue going to do after she graduates?
B: No doubt she's going to in her father's footsteps and become a dentist.
3.A: It’s a huge decision, you know.
B: I know. And there's no back.
4.A: Are you and Jane still together?
B: No, we've decided to go our ways.
5.A: How’s your mother feeling?
B: Much better, thanks. She's clearly on the to recovery.
6.A: I’m sorry to hear Kate’s still in hospital.
B: Thanks. Luckily, the doctors say there's light at the end of the .
7.A: The full course takes five long years.
B: I know. And there's no back.
8.A: Why is Jim in such a bad mood?
B: I don't know, but he's clearly running out of .
9.A: He’s just been appointed as our Head of Sales.
B: Yeah, his career has finally off, hasn't it?
10.A: Is everything all right?
B: To be honest, I've got so much work, I don't know whether I'm or going.


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