Let's practise these words and expressions for arguing. Complete the sentences below with the same words that were used in the examples above.

1. She left home after with her parents.
2. Kelvin and his wife have endless over money.
3. Murray left the company after he out with the chairman over his salary.
4. Congress and the President have been at each other’s for so long that it’s a wonder they can agree on anything.

Keep up the good work! 
5. The kids are having their usual over which TV show they’re going to watch.
6. Whenever the phone rings they over who must answer it.
7. Batard is a little sweeter than Chevalier but perhaps that’s splitting ; both these wines are excellent.
8. Just ignore him, he’s always picking .
9. Ignore him – he’s just trying to things up because he’s jealous.

Well done! You're almost there!
10. I’m glad to see you two have made .
11. Gary’s first priority on his return home was to patch his differences with his sister.
12. Since those two buried the , life in the office has been much quieter.
13. I think it’s about time you called her to clear the .


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