Expressing contrast. Choose the correct word for each sentence. 

1. Although/But I like this company, I probably won't work here long.
2. In spite of / Although their shares are rising, their future is still uncertain.
3. Kate gave a good presentation, although/despite having very little time to prepare.
4. This year our earnings are close to $8m, while/still last year they were just $6m.
5. Whereas/In spite of these candidates all have an MBA, these other ones don't.
6. I read the book you suggested. I didn't enjoy it, although/though.

Well done! You are doing great! Keep up the good work!
7. I didn't have much time, but/whereas I managed to visit the whole site.
8. Nowadays we have very few strikes, but/whereas ten years ago we had a lot.
9. We weren't sure whether to go ahead with the launch, but we did it still/anyway.
10. Although/In spite of the delay, we still arrived on time.

Well done! You're almost there!
11. I didn't manage to close the deal, although/whereas I really tried.
12. Although/Whereas their share price is falling at the moment, the company is still a good long-term investment.


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