1.The half-year figures are looking very good. I’d say we were for the best year in our company’s history.
2.It’s not just you that’s worried about getting fired. We’re all .
3.Is this your first day in our company? Well, don't worry. If you have any questions, ask Kendra. Nobody like her. She's been with us since the beginning.
4.I'm afraid we've got half of the team off sick this week. So, it's for the rest of us.
5.We're in the middle of a global recession. Interest rates are too high and consumer confidence is at all-time low. There's nothing else for us to do but .
6.Mrs Forester and her team of accountants make sure that not one dollar is wasted. They .
7.It is relatively easy to get new customers . If only I’d know how to keep them.
8.All the work of the past few months has been by the appointment of the new Managing Director, who has decided that from now on we will do things his way.


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