Confusing words

1.Do you think it is a good idea to money to friends?
2.When was the last time you had at a party?
3.Would you rather spend your holidays in the city or in the ?
4.What is your preferred position for in bed when you sleep?
5.What is the latest skill you have yourself?
6.Do you any money for a rainy day?
7.What is, in your opinion, the greatest that makes our lives easier?
8.Do you know the for the meal you like eating the most?
9.What is the earliest memory you can ?


What father said was brief and ..............
You might be able to get their flat if you are lucky. They're .............. of giving it up.
Yes, we do it eat out .............., but not very often. It's so expensive these days.
I don't think you understand what I mean about the stupidity of the new law. Well, here is a case ..............
We're fighting .............. to finish the job for you before the end of the week.
You're talking nonsense, Jack. What you have just said is quite ..............
.............. the fire brigade found our mountain house, we had to put out the fire ourselves with the garden hosepipe.
.............., his secretary wears the most extraordinary clothes.
We didn't like the new neighbours at first, but .............. we grew fond of them.
They're most unpunctual people but because the boss was going to the party they had to be .............. for once.

pet hates 2

Do you remember who enjoys doing what? Pick a person for every question below. Listen again if necessary.

Who enjoys having breakfast in bed?
Who enjoys caravaning?
Who enjoys reading books?
Who enjoys buying clothes?
Who enjoys breaking things up?
Who enjoys swimming?
Who enjoys wrapping and unwrapping presents?
Who enjoys going to the cinema?
Who enjoys winning?
Who enjoys playing golf with weaker players?

pet hates

Do you remember who hated what? Pick a person for every question below. Listen again if necessary.

Who hates copying out school notes?
Who hates filling in forms?
Who hates listening to politicians?
Who hates sitting in traffic?
Who hates waiting for school buses?
Who hates other people slurping?
Who hates tidying up?
Who hates cleaning after other people?
Who hates family gatherings?
Who hates having a haircut?
Who hates other people cracking their knuckles?


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