A company is a ship

1.The half-year figures are looking very good. I’d say we were for the best year in our company’s history.
2.It’s not just you that’s worried about getting fired. We’re all .
3.Is this your first day in our company? Well, don't worry. If you have any questions, ask Kendra. Nobody like her. She's been with us since the beginning.
4.I'm afraid we've got half of the team off sick this week. So, it's for the rest of us.
5.We're in the middle of a global recession. Interest rates are too high and consumer confidence is at all-time low. There's nothing else for us to do but .
6.Mrs Forester and her team of accountants make sure that not one dollar is wasted. They .
7.It is relatively easy to get new customers . If only I’d know how to keep them.
8.All the work of the past few months has been by the appointment of the new Managing Director, who has decided that from now on we will do things his way.

test 2

Star Thrower

A man was walking (1) the beach when he noticed a young boy apparently picking something (2) the ground and throwing it out (3) the sea. As the man got closer to the boy he saw (4) the objects were starfish. And the boy was surrounded (5) them. For miles and miles all along the shore, there seemed to (6) millions of them.

'Why in the (7) are you throwing starfish into the water?' he asked the boy as he approached.

'If these starfish are on the beach tomorrow morning when the tide goes (8) , they will die,' replied the boy, continuing with his work.

'But that's ridiculous!' cried the man. 'Look around (9) . There are thousands of miles of beach and millions of starfish. How can you believe that what you're doing could possibly (10) a difference?'

The young boy picked up another starfish, paused thoughtfully, and remarked (11) he tossed it out into the waves, 'It makes a difference (12) this one.'

A-Z Phrasal Verbs Challenge

1.You should his advice. He knows what he is talking about.
2.If you'll a moment, I'll just find your trip details.
3.I had seven siblings. It was difficult for my parents to so many children.
4.I'll have to a computer this week. It is being serviced, because it was very slow.
5.She doesn't like to , so she cooks a lot.
6.My sister is my best friend. I wouldn't have anything against it if he wasn't so much older than her.
7.You will never it! How could you be so cruel to us? I'll make sure you'll pay for what you have done.
8.I want to to some deserted island and start a life as a hermit.
9.Why did you leaving early? Didn't you like the party?
10.She the list of things she had to do. She frowned when she realized how long this list was.
11.Annaleigh is running. She goes jogging every day, regardless of the weather outside.
12.Let's this Sunday! We deserve it, don't we? We worked really hard all week.
13.I don't want to the next big thing Samsung puts to market. I want to be the first to lay my hands on it.
14.We have the list to four candidates, although I am leaning toward giving the job to Mrs.Lane. She is very well connected.
15.More than 100 students the student exchange program every year. Most of them decide to go abroad and taste living in a different country.
16.I wish I'd gone to see my grandmother before she .
17.There is now no chance that things will this year. We should brace ourselves for some hard times ahead.
18.If you have any questions or concerns, please to us at this email address.
19.After a long day at the office, she finally in an armchair to watch her favourite series on Netflix.
20.I am not going to much of your time. I just want you to hear about my latest idea how to save the company some money.
21.This app your battery. You should delete it.
22.Since he lost his job, he's only in front of the TV all day.
23.We have already this business. There was no chance it would be a success.
24.Canals the railways for transporting goods. Now everything is transported on freight trains rather than on rivers.
25.Why don't we the January figures? I'd like to discuss it further, if I may.

What makes people happy at work

1.Do you think you can him to lend us the money?
2.He finally talked her going on a date with him.
3.My girlfriend is always trying to me to stop smoking.
4.She is trying to me to buy myself a dog.
5.Children should be to read all kinds of books.
6.What exactly is the of social media on children?
7.The children had to be into coming with us.

Well done! You're almost there!
8.Some of the older boys must have   him up to it.
9.She's against the idea but I'm sure I can her over.
10.I tried to him from giving up his job.

My job


Follow a story of a man who talks about his job. Choose the best word to complete a sentence. If your answer is correct, you will see another part of the job description.

1.I work _______ a medium-sized, family-owned business
2.We offer specialized services _______ the construction industry.
3.I personally specialize _______ lighting installations inside buildings – my background is in electrical engineering.
4.My role is to talk to the architects and the developers, to try to persuade them _______ the importance of modern lighting design inside a building.

I show them how it can create a good working atmosphere and add to a company's image. I explain our track record _______ this field and show them a portfolio of other lighting installations that we've done.


Once the initial contact has been made and the client is ready for a detailed proposal, I take a back seat _______ a while.


Somebody else looks at the detailed specifications for the installation and then another colleague researches the cost ____ the labour and materials.


Those two people work _____ me, and I supervise their work quite closely. Finally, our legal department draws up the proposal.


I oversee the whole process and sign off the proposal before it's sent _____ the client.


There are a number of other people that I liaise ____ on a day-to-day basis.


We have an Office Manager who handles incoming calls, organizes my schedule and keeps ____ top of the filing and administration.


And then outside the company I have close contact with the architects and with the project management team responsible ____ the whole construction.


I report _____ the Head of Business Development, and she reports directly to the CEO, so there are not many layers in the company and it's not at all bureaucratic.


My work is challenging, ____ course, because it involves both a sales function and a technical function - and every project is different.


But the atmosphere in the office is great. It's very informal and I'm ____ first-name terms with everyone, even the CEO.

Well done! You've reached the end!Now, it is your turn. What is your job like? Use this story to prepare and present a description of your job.