My job


Follow a story of a man who talks about his job. Choose the best word to complete a sentence. If your answer is correct, you will see another part of the job description.

1.I work _______ a medium-sized, family-owned business
2.We offer specialized services _______ the construction industry.
3.I personally specialize _______ lighting installations inside buildings – my background is in electrical engineering.
4.My role is to talk to the architects and the developers, to try to persuade them _______ the importance of modern lighting design inside a building.

I show them how it can create a good working atmosphere and add to a company's image. I explain our track record _______ this field and show them a portfolio of other lighting installations that we've done.


Once the initial contact has been made and the client is ready for a detailed proposal, I take a back seat _______ a while.


Somebody else looks at the detailed specifications for the installation and then another colleague researches the cost ____ the labour and materials.


Those two people work _____ me, and I supervise their work quite closely. Finally, our legal department draws up the proposal.


I oversee the whole process and sign off the proposal before it's sent _____ the client.


There are a number of other people that I liaise ____ on a day-to-day basis.


We have an Office Manager who handles incoming calls, organizes my schedule and keeps ____ top of the filing and administration.


And then outside the company I have close contact with the architects and with the project management team responsible ____ the whole construction.


I report _____ the Head of Business Development, and she reports directly to the CEO, so there are not many layers in the company and it's not at all bureaucratic.


My work is challenging, ____ course, because it involves both a sales function and a technical function - and every project is different.


But the atmosphere in the office is great. It's very informal and I'm ____ first-name terms with everyone, even the CEO.

Well done! You've reached the end!Now, it is your turn. What is your job like? Use this story to prepare and present a description of your job.

Goof-proof grammar

Are you ready for a little grammar challenge?
Check how goof-proof your grammar is by doing this short test.
Best of luck and let's get to it!

There are three parts in this test. Click next to see start!

What is the missing word – word formation – part 1

1. (PREFER)I may be related to the Managing Director, but believe me, I don't get treatment.
2. (CHILD)You are 25 years old and you are acting like a spoilt schoolboy. Stop being so .
3. (INFORMATION)Ben hated it, but I thought it was a very interesting and .
4. (ECONOMY)This is the worst crisis that this country has had to face inover 100 years.
5. (ARGUE)Why are you being so ? You're disagreeing with everything I say.
6. (DECEIVE)Appearances can be . He might look aggressive but really he is as gentle as a lamb.
7. (SATISFY) with the money he was receiving, Sid decided to leave the company
8. (EXPLAIN)For some reason, she gave up her job, sold everything she owned and went to live on a desert island.
9. (FLAW)All the judges gave her ten out of ten. She had given a performance.

Well done! You're almost there!
10. (SLEEP)He looked terrible. Too much work and too many nights. He had to get away.
11. (PERSUADE)He can be very when he wants to. He can talk you into anything.
12. (APOLOGISE)The best man was very embarrassed and very about forgetting the time that the wedding was to take place.

animal idioms

1.I've known them for years · since I was a child, in fact.
2.Throughout his playing career he was by injury.
3.He said we could double our money in two days? It sounds a bit to me.
4.At first, the criticism he got in the press used to affect him, but now it's like water off a back.
5.Of course she didn't see you. She's as blind as a .
6.Did we enjoy the party? We most certainly did. We had a of a time.
7.You can sit there and argue till the come home, but I'm not changing my mind.
8.If I hadn't , the ball would have hit me square between the eyes.
9.Unlike the other players in the semi-finals, Popov is a bit of a dark .
10.We're getting nowhere! This is a wild chase.
11.It's only fair. It was his idea, so he should get the share of the profits.

Well done! You're almost there!
12.Ted has always been the black of the family. His parents are lawyers, his two brothers are doctors, while he dropped out of school at 15.
13.You're not going to your way out of doing the washing-up this time.
14.It was a nightmare. She on about her job for hours!

what to say when you are irritated

1.Angry? I was absolutely ................ when our appointment was cancelled for the third time.
2.The reason why he gets into trouble so often is that he has a ................ temper.
3.What I find most ................ about it is that he didn't even have the decency to say that he was sorry.
4.George wasn't in a particularly good mood, but then he is always a bit ................ in the morning.
5.Like many children of his age, he is prone to throwing a(n) ................ .
6.Mum will hit the ................ when she finds out that you've burnt a hole in her new sofa.
7.How much longer do we have to wait? This is starting to get on my ................ .
8."I'm ................ to listen to your pathetic excuses," she exclaimed.

Well done! You're almost there!
9.Stop that tapping, will you? I'm trying to concentrate and it is driving me up the ................ .
10.The whole country is up in ................ about the new tax the government has put on books.
11.It was so embarrassing. We were in the middle of a crowded restaurant when they suddenly had a ............... row.