“If there’s one skill, above all others, that will help you stand out in the world of international business, it is the skill of presenting. And the further you progress in your career, the more likely it is that you will be called upon to present. You will never have more impact than when you stand up and speak in public. In professional life, competent presentations are expected. But great presentations are rare and always remembered.”

– Mark Powell


1. Presenting Preferences – What is your preferred presenting style? Is it possible to please everybody? What should be your underlying purpose when you present?

2. Before you Present – What should you know before you enter the stage? How can you prepare for a presentation? How often should you rehears your speech?

3. Opening and Closing – How to open a presentation with impact? How to make an excellent first impression? How to effectively close a presentation?

4. Smooth Structure – Why does structure matter? How to organize your ideas in a speech? How to let your audience know what you train of thought is going to be?

5. Visual Aids – How to make vidual aids work for you? How to create appealing visuals? How to avoid some common pitfalls when using images?

6. Facts and Figures

7. Building Rapport

8. Impact Techniques

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9. Storytelling

10. Q&A sessions