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Complete the sentences below with the verbs of movement from the picture. Remember to change them to Past Simple.  

1. He the newspaper from the floor.
2. She the tray carefully not to spill any food.
3. He the suitcase to check how heavy it was.
4. After her workout she for a few minutes.
5. She over the sofa to check if her keys were there.
6. He to tie his shoe-laces.
7. He joyfully in his room while listening to hip-hop.
8. He against the wall, took his phone out and waited.
9. He the bag through the yard.
10. He the door but it didn't open.
11. His boss was mad when he all the plates.

Well done! You're almost there!
12. She the mountain and enjoyed breathtaking views.
13. She for a few miles before she went to work.
14. She to check if the child is asleep.
15. He him in the face when he insulted his girlfriend.